September 8, 2020

End Game Boss Stage 4-21: 1996

Welcome to the End Game Boss Podcast as part of the EGB Program. This bi-weekly video game podcast goals are to treat you to a great show with fun segments and more. We are also here to challenge you and us on our main topics that we hope to hear your thoughts after you hear the episode. So sit back and let your ears do the rest. Lets begin!

Hosted: Jeremy Evans @Retroamp07

Co-host: Jaron William  @TheGrumpyBear84

Special Guest: DC Bueller of Commonspace Game Cafe in Oklahoma

Let talk about video games that came out in 1996! 

Out of the list of games we mention I want you ask yourself

  1. What  are my favorite 2 games?
  2. What are 2  games I've never played?
  3. What 1 game I did not enjoy?

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Intro Music: Ocean Of Colors By AZD0wn from album: This May Be The Year


Commonspace Game Cafe!





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